Marriage Intensives for Unhappy Marriages

How to Save a Marriage

Sometimes a hurting marriage needs more than just an hour a week that a marital therapist usually provides.  A marital intensive is 1, 2 or 3 days of consecutive therapy for your relationship.  Research has shown that couples in distress respond best to this longer method of treatment better than the traditional weekly style of therapy.  Have you ever been in therapy before and felt like you were just getting started when the therapist said “time is up.”  That can be incredibly frustrating.  This is particularly true during the beginning stages of therapy when the therapist is getting to know you, your background, and identifying core issues. Now times that by two.  It seems like it takes forever before change in implemented.  A marital intensive alleviates this by allotting the necessary time to see all aspects of the issue AND providing real direction to getting the relationship back on track.

Marriage Intensives in Wake Forest, NC


$1,500 per day. Call for availability.

Each marital intensive includes the following:

  • A comprehensive review of the relationship questionnaire complete prior to the intensive
  • Phone interview prior to arriving
  • 6 hours of intensive therapy  per day
  • A take home package of tools and supplementary support material
  • Intensives conclude with a plan that may involve follow-up visits, Skype sessions, or referral to an appropriate local therapist

It is important to note that I will respect a couples wishes to break when needed and also allow for private, individual sessions, if applicable.  Every relationship is different and I do my best to respect the needs of your relationship and the needs of each partner regarding feeling possibly overwhelmed by the length or intensity of the intensive.

If you are from out of the area and need some assistance with coordinating travel plans, please feel free to call me directly to discuss local options for hotels, flights and local attractions.

Get Help Overcoming Marriage Problems

Shelly Hummel offers marriage intensives in Wake Forest near Raleigh, NC to address unhappy marriages . She also serves Youngsville, New Light, Stony Hill, Forestville, Rolesville, and other nearby Raleigh communities. Shelly also offers couples workshops in Asheville, NC and will be opening a second office in the area soon.